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Abstain Alcohol Treatment Specialists

Providing a rapid Response to your alcohol needs.

We provide a proven solution to your drinking problems. Our solution is better than the loss of your job or the continued negative affect on your health wellbeing and relationship's.

The Abstain Team has a huge amount of experience in the field of addictions and behavioural change. Our expertise is complimented by the passion of our team who invests personally in each and every aspect of the individual’s recovery journey.

Our Team can help reduce the impact and pain of alcohol problems. We can help you to make significant lifestyle changes. We do this by providing a range of interventions to tackle the harm caused by alcohol. Our harm reduction tools can be targeted at the individual through assessment, screening and by providing psychological and medical interventions. Initial brief interventions can be from one to three sessions. There is mounting evidence that this approach is highly effective in reducing harm by alcohol (NICE Guidelines brief interventions).

Our service has been designed and is led by an experienced Doctor in the field of addictions, a Registered Nurse with over 15 years' experience working for the NHS in addictions and a Social Worker with vast experience working with individuals and families effected by alcohol.

If you know someone who you believe to be affected by alcohol, then the referral process is simple.
For more information on addictions please see Our help pages.

They can contact our service by either ringing our clinic on 01482 806500, through an e-mail admin@abstain.org.uk . We will attempt to reply within 24hrs. Our service is unique in that we provide alcohol detoxifications in your home or at our clinic.