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Abstain private alcohol detox treatment service

Here to help and advise on your alcohol problems

When a person is drinking in a harmful way they experience withdrawal symptoms such as shakes, sweats and varying levels of anxiety. All these symptoms are usually alleviated by alcohol. Excessive shaking and anxiety may lead to more dangerous symptoms such as seizures and delirium tremens if they were to stop drinking abruptly.
To avoid this from happening an individual will require medication; this may be prescribed for 7 to 10 days and be carefully monitored by the nurse and the doctor.
It is important to note that this medication does not stop the individual from drinking (Drinking whlst taking the medication is dangerous) but does help to prevent the withdrawal symptom described above.
But many believe that the detox is the whole trip and because of this misconception many relapse, often within a few days or weeks of the detoxification. Because of this well documented and researched fact, Abstain will spend time with our clients prior to the detox explaining the full recovery journey in detail. Abstain will cover the importance of finishing the full package and the benefits of completing each part of the recovery journey.
Our staff will work with you to help you understand what you can expect from the detox portion of your treatment package and the significance of a detailed relapse prevention and aftercare plan.
Abstain will map out your detox with you.You may need to take some time off work or plan to have someone stay with you for a few days.This will all be planned and arranged before your detox starts so as to give you the safest and best outcome.