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Problem Drinking Self Test

This exercise will help you to evaluate your alcohol use and make a decision. People have to admit and understand that they have lost control in order to recognize that they have to take it back.

Have you lost control of your drinking?

Think about this and list any examples you can think of that can identify and help you measure the effects of your alcohol use on your relationships, work and on your body and social networks.
Here are some examples: –
• Blackouts
• Once you start you cannot stop.
• Passing out.
• Alcohol poisoning.
• Damage to your health
• Arguments and fights
• Criminal behaviour. (Drunk Driving)
• Self-harm or suicide attempts.
• Embarrassing yourself or others.
• Broken promises to family and friends.
• Lost/damaged relationships or jobs.

The next question you have to ask yourself is.
How many times have I tried to stop or change my drinking?
Here are some examples:-
• I will stay away from spirits
• Timing my drinks or only allowing myself so much.
• Not going out until later.
• Changing my drink of choice.
• Not going out as often.

How long did these changes last, before the problem drinking resolved.

You can now look and analyse the results from the questions and use this to assess and judge whether you have a problem or not?

You can complete this simple test used by the NHS and other services to estimate a person’s drinking.

Withdrawal is one of many terrible consequences of alcohol abuse, but there is hope for a better tomorrow.
If you or someone you know is ready to start a life without alcohol addiction.
The fear of withdrawal shouldn’t prevent your recovery. One call phone could make a tremendous difference.

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